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BPT Deauville: Christophe Gerard as chipleader!
The first day of the Barrière Poker Tour Deauville, which had began on Saturday morning, ended Sunday at dawn. This poker texas holdem tournament has gathered 558 participants, including re-entries. At the end of the three days of competition, especially on Monday till dawn, there were only 92 surviving players. 71 of them will be offered € 1,180 payouts whereas the winner will pocket a jackpot of € 48,000. With a stack of 1,035,000 chips, Christophe Gérard is well-positioned to accomplish the win.

He has ended the first day game with an impressive stack of 1,035,000 chips. François Luce (926,000) and Corentin Ropert (904. 000) are respectively second and third in the ranking. Other stars of poker of France and players accustomed to play poker online free are still in the track for this coming competition. Alexander Amiel (538,000), David Debue (417,000), Steven Moreau (402.000) and Brian Benhamou (340,000) are part of them. The same for Nicolas Villemin (230,000), Mickael Guenni (195.000) and Nathalie Schaeffer (192,000),who are not yet eliminated.
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Monday, 30 June 2014
Gamble on football like in lottery
The Belgian online sport betting sector is evolving with the new Belgian National Lottery of football, Scooore. Implemented online since last year, Scooore considers all types of sport, especially football and basketball. It put forward very attractive betting bonus offers. The Scooore process is very easy. The player has just to gamble on the results of 3 to 10 sport events. The World Cup of Football 2014 belongs to these events. The bet is carried out and chosen like the common bets: the victory of the home team, of the hosted team, or a draw. But the bet must be done on the final outcome and not on the goal scorer or other elements of the sport event.

Then the gambler has to choose his bet and validate his application form at the accredited betting operator. Online bets on football with the Scooore system are more exciting, if the gambler chooses between the compatible prognostics: handicap, under/over or system bet. Scooore offers also two options to optimize the winnings of the gamblers: the Single and the Double. With the first, the gambler chooses one match for bet; while with the second, he can choose two sport meeting and gamble on the two simultaneously.
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Thursday, 19 June 2014